Dark matter

Stella Perrett illustrates the mood of the moment.

Stella Perrett has today tied together two stories from last week, Dominic Cummings’ appalling performance at that committee, and the search for Dark Matter…

Stella used to be quite a fan of Dominic – all her mates in the civil service were as well. They were cheering him on, hoping he could shake up Whitehall, like he wanted to. Quite a few of Stella’s crowd added themselves to his list of “eccentrics” to try and get a job in his office!

But the vitriol and misogyny coming out of his mouth last week has changed her view, she thinks he’s lost it.

Here, Stella Perrett illustrates the mood of the moment exclusively for uncancelled

Dark matter (also main picture):

Click through to uncancelled’s Facebook page to see Stella’s illustrations in their full glory.
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Stella Perrett

Political cartoonist and book illustrator Stella Perrett has worked in the ‘British Small Press’ for 40 years, documenting her work on her website (link below). From 2015-2020 she was a regular cartoonist for the UK Communist newspaper the Morning Star. Stella has recently retired in order to concentrate on her art, and has become a gender-critical, free speech campaigner in her old age!

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