Support Antonia’s Law to protect your loved ones in care homes

Antonia’s Law requires that care home residents should have a right enshrined in law to have a camera installed at their own cost.

I’m writing this today as a kind of plea. For your readers to get behind and support Antonia’s Law… 

Antonia’s Law requires that care home residents should have a right enshrined in law to have a camera installed at their own cost. This allows family members to monitor and check up on their family members remotely and gives them peace of mind regarding their wellbeing.

There have been thousands of cases where care home residents have been mistreated, personal items stollen or worse, and this law is set up to help fight the injustice that goes on in care homes up and down the country. But, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not trying to expose anyone or point the finger of blame – I just want to help. 

I have a lot of support, but I need more. I want families to be allowed, if they want, to place a camera in a room so that they can support and check up on their loved ones, to make sure they are safe and secure, and can sleep well each night. 

I really started to push for this law following the death of my mother, Antonia. She was in a care home at the age of 87. She had been suffering from dementia and died as a result of Covid-19. Not knowing how little time she had left completely destroyed me. I adored my mum, and I still do. But it’s not just about her now, it’s about everyone in a care home, now and in the future. 

Antonia’s Law already has the support of Hull West and Hessle MP Emma Hardy, who is taking a petition to Parliament, and last year I met with then Health Secretary Matt Hancock to discuss the proposal (Tony pictured with Matt Hancock above). He said he fully supported my campaign and highlighted that it was a good thing that I’m not asking the government for any financial support. 

This year is going to be the year where I really push it forward. We will soon be launching a new petition to raise awareness and to get as many signatures as we can from the public. Last year, an EDM gained cross party support with good momentum, and we intend to continue the good work there throughout 2022. We’ve got huge celebrity support and the public are behind us 100%. 

This short documentary by brandnewtube outlines Antonia’s Law and all the good work we’ve done so far. It’s definitely one to watch to get a better perspective of what Antonia’s Law is all about, and what’s been going on so far. It has already gained over 52,000 views in just three days. Now we need you! So please click on the links below to show your support for Antonia’s Law.

#supporttonystowell #AntoniasLaw

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Tony Stowell

Tony Stowell is a man on a mission. He cares. Having recently lost his mother, Antonia, he is fighting to protect our vulnerable loved ones, as they live out their twilight years in care homes. Support Antonia's Law. #supporttonystowell #AntoniasLaw

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