Finding Freedom?

Nathan Kay looks at whether Meghan Markle has lost her sparkle.

The Markle debacle” has gone on for far too long. Here’s why…

When I worked at The Mail on Sunday newspaper, I was put on royal watch for many years covering the entire family. Writing about the younger royals mainly, Princes William and Harry along with their respective fillies were a regular fixture in the diary pages of the newspaper and on my MailOnline column. In total, I’ve covered the royals for more than 15 years for various publications around the globe. I’m no expert, but I know my stuff.

Back in the late noughties, Harry was dating Chelsy Davy, a bouncy blonde from South Africa. She was a pretty law student with no airs or graces, down-to-earth and with a popular following on the London social scene. I bumped into her a few times at parties and events on the circuit, she was always eye-catching and pleasant.

Dressed as a chav for a fancy-dress party, jaunts with other gents and holding a very firm opinion were not out of the ordinary for good old Chels. Harry had a great deal of fun with her, regularly let his hair down and enjoyed life. Fast forward a few years and we’re lumbered with the Markle debacle!

Harry seems genuinely unhappy in his new life of ‘freedom’. As the couple’s new book will claim, their exit from the royal family was about Finding Freedom. But was it his freedom or hers?

Selling your soul on the highly prized American speech circuit is no doubt a jump up for Megs, but undoubtedly a huge drop for Prince Harry.

A new PR team are said to be doing wonders for the couple’s shattered image, but are they really? Princess Diana copycat photocalls, sponging off their Hollywood friends, snapping at journalists for asking off-the-cuff questions and the infamous carbon footprint fiasco leaves little to the imagination.

Duchess Meg is hell-bent on selling out the couple to the highest bidder and boy do they need it! Frogmore bills to pay and no longer receiving taxpayer cash must have come as a real blow to the couple. Being bailed out by Prince Charles won’t last forever and they will soon have to find their own home – they can’t live off the generosity of sycophants like Tyler Perry or Oprah Winfrey for the rest of their lives (or can they?!?).

All of this to find freedom from the press, freedom from public scrutiny? More like freedom to do what they want, milk it for all they can and run the royal family’s reputation into the ground.

Meg recently had issues with The Mail on Sunday publishing letters she’d written to her father, but did she really think they would never see the light of day? Of course, she did – cold, calculating and manipulative.

This Machiavellian behaviour started at one of the couple’s very first public appearances, when Meghan put her hand on Prince Harry’s back to lead him away from the podium after a speech he’d just given. She didn’t do this out of affection, she did it to emulate what US presidents do when taking control and leading heads of state away from public press briefings. She knew the body language experts were watching, she knew exactly what she was doing. In control and in command.

She didn’t get her way, though. Reprimanded and schooled by the powers that be on how to conduct herself in public didn’t go down too well with old Megs. Playing second fiddle to the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t in the plan either, so… off she went, taking Prince Harry with her!

Quit the royal family they did. Although the outcome hasn’t been what Meghan expected – she no doubt envisioned herself as the next Diana, Princess of Wales, swanning around the globe in a humanitarian capacity grabbing the front pages as she went along. But it didn’t quite happen, did it Megs?!?

Now, bottom feeding off the Hollywood glitterati who fall to their knees at the sheer mention of “royal”, “Duke” or “Duchess”, the couple are sucking it up for all they can. Unfortunately for Megs, it’s not as forthcoming as she would have hoped.

The couple’s ‘tome’, Finding Freedom will soon be released and there will be more Markle debacle material to dissect. What’s next for the ‘When Harry met Meghan’ show? Stay tuned before it gets cancelled.

Photo credit: Meghan Markle as a hostess on Deal or no deal.

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Nathan Kay

Nathan has had thousands of articles published globally and has worked for many leading publications. His work has been featured in The Mail on Sunday, CNN, MailOnline, Grazia (UK), Daily Mail, Metro (US), The Sunday People, Ahlan!, and others. He graduated with a degree in Media & Society and holds a postgraduate qualification in Psychological Therapies from Queen Mary University in London.

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