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Millions around the world are supporting the convoy - so why are the media and Trudeau continuing to shy away from it, asks Louise Jury

Contrary to PM Justin Trudeau’s statement of a “fringe minority of people holding unacceptable views”, Canadians have shown up in their hundreds of thousands to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to protest vaccine mandates and to fight for their freedoms.

Videos from drones and protesters show people in throngs all through the streets of our nation’s capital. The outpouring of support has been incredible with people handing out hot food and drinks to the truckers, offers of places to stay, donations of money – and it’s been absolutely incredible to witness.

What makes me the proudest is the zero violence and no arrests. People are smiling and happy, there is music and dancing. I’ve seen a DJ booth, Native Canadians chanting for freedom and peace, and a trucker with an entire pig roast at the side of his rig. Truckers and protesters have brought their entire families. There are children holding handmade signs and waving Canadian flags, and while braving -25C temperatures. This is by no means a violent protest and yet our Prime Minister has reportedly been moved to an undisclosed location due to security concerns. He has also yet to make a statement.

Due to the enormity of this protest, the media can no longer deny its existence, but infuriatingly, the stories are downplaying the size of the protest and focusing on the very few negatives they can find.

Meanwhile, support is flooding in from all around the world, with British comedian Russell Brand’s video piece on the situation going went viral, Elon Musk tweeting his support, and even ex president Donald Trump exclaiming, “We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way”, at his rally in Texas on Saturday night.

Scott Moe, the Premier of the province of Saskatchewan, made a formal statement on Twitter saying that the Province will end the current proof of vaccination and proof of negative test “in the not too distant future”. While he still urges everyone to vaccinate, he says the current mandates preventing truckers from going cross-border without vaccinations make no sense as the vaccines do not prevent transmission. However a disruption in the supply chain will effect the economy and put a strain on Canadians already suffering with the increases in the cost of living.

Saskatchewan’s current public health orders that include mandatory masking, proof of vaccination, and mandates for government workers are set to expire February 28th this year.

With more truckers and protesters still on the way, and thousands of videos being posted online, how much longer is our PM going to avoid addressing these hard working Canadians braving freezing weather fighting for the freedoms of this country? It’s embarrassing.

The truckers have vowed to stay until everyone’s freedoms have been restored, and they are settling in for the long haul.

Mr Trudeau cannot hide forever, and we are waiting.

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