Cancel Culture

Has cancel culture gone too far?

uncancelled is available for any published journalist to write about whatever they want.

uncancelled is a new platform for journalists to write about whatever they want…

Cancel culture is often categorised as group shaming via social media, a form of cancelling that person, people, or group out. This is uncancelled, we don’t do that.

uncancelled (UC) is a not-for-profit website set up by a group of journalists to allow other hacks to get their voice heard. UC provides a ‘news, views and opinions’ platform for reputable writers to pen opinion pieces about any topical news item. The main aim, of course, will be to counter the cancel culture and to create a healthy debate around the subject.

Cancel culture – or the withdrawal of support for public figures, members of the public or companies for something they have said or supported which may be deemed objectionable or offensive – has become rife in society today. Some of them, of course, call for legitimate reasons for cancelling that entity out – but a large percent of them do not.

What do you think about the topic? Has cancel culture gone too far?

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