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Rishi has failed us

Is Chancellor Rishi Sunak the reason why Britain faces the worst recession in over 100 years?

The Chancellor promised the public that he won’t leave anyone behind. Sadly, he forgot about small businesses…

Chancellor Rishi Sunak issued a stark warning to Brits yesterday of looming job cuts and a shattered economy, which has plunged by more than a fifth since the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

Official figures show that the UK’s economic landscape has shrunk by a shocking 20.4 per cent in the three months to June, the biggest fall in modern history, plunging the country into a recession. Experts say it’s the worst recession in over 100 years.

Now the Chancellor faces a fresh round of wrath from the people of Britain – especially from small businesses and limited companies – over the worsening economic outlook of the country.

“The Chancellor promised not to leave anyone behind, but he has forgotten about small businesses,” Michal Orlowski, owner of Metro Hospitality, tells uncancelled. “Before the pandemic we were working on multiple events every week and hiring hundreds of staff. Now there is nothing. Of course, the government can’t help the coronavirus situation but they should have handled it better and helped limited companies,” he adds.

“There is hardly any help for us. The government shut down the events sector in March and has not even hinted at when it might reopen. We have not received a grant even though in theory we should be entitled to it. Staff are on furlough, but that’s coming to an end this month. We have no money to contribute to it as required from September, so everyone is being made redundant. I, myself, have not qualified for furlough as like most small company directors I get paid via dividends. This means I’ve had no income since March,” he concludes.

It’s not just the catering and events sector feeling the heat. Small and medium-sized businesses up and down the country are struggling to survive in all sectors. Despite many attempts to remedy the situation, even assembling the #ExcludedUK all-parliamentary party group with over 250 MPs, the Chancellor is still refusing to help over 3 million hard-working people across the UK.

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  1. Sadly, this government has no vision for a post pandemic economy. As a journalist, I used to run a small business paying myself like you via dividends. I retired but I completely understand where you are coming from.
    Sadly, I wouldn’t hold your breath that things are going to improve. The government did too good a job frightening people out of their wits with the message to “Stay at Home and Save Lives”. That was overkill and it hasn’t worked. On the positive side there is no room for a second shut down. That would totally destroy what’s left of Britain’s economy. The government’s only option then would be to cancel all debts and try and rebuild the economy from ground zero.

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