How Turkey founded a Covid-free friendship

No one wanted to travel with Josiah Burton or Therese Rocca, so they went on holiday together. Nathan Kay looks at how online relationships can shoot from 0 to 100 in super-quick time.

uncancelled’s Nathan Kay jets off to Turkey for CNN Travel…

Turkey is one of the few countries in the world to have so far avoided the quarantine list in both the United States and England. I, therefore, wasted no time jetting out to see my friends in Kusadasi.

While I was there, I bumped into two Americans who told me a fascinating story about how they met online and decided to go on holiday together just days later.

In a year of lockdowns, flight bans and general coronavirus chaos, there are still some options for people seeking overseas adventures. But what happens if you are the only one in your friend group willing to travel during these strange times? That’s exactly what happened to both Josiah Burton and Therese Rocca.

No one wanted to travel with them. And so, even though they were total strangers, they decided to go on holiday together.

“I was supposed to be going to Japan with a friend, but Japan is now closed,” Burton, a 32-year-old from Iowa, tells CNN Travel. “So, I was looking for a country open to Americans.”

My friend decided he didn’t want to travel during the coronavirus, but I still wanted to go. I was originally looking at Croatia, but you needed a negative Covid test within 72 hours. Turkey didn’t have any such requirement, so I chose there.”

With no one to go with, he turned to 10XTravel, a Facebook group followed by 40,000 people that offers advice on ways to save money on the road. “I didn’t really want to travel alone, so I posted a message in the Facebook group that if anyone’s interested in coming or meeting up, or who will be in Turkey at the same time, to let me know.”

Rocca, 36, from Denver, saw the message and responded almost immediately.

You can read the rest of Nathan’s article on CNN. Click here to read more.

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