Happy 1st birthday uncancelled

It's been one year since uncancelled launched. So far, we've published 259 posts for over 500,000 readers!

This past year has been a successful one for uncancelled. Not only did we top 500,000 readers but we managed to bring in some great contributions to spice up the site…

Here are our top five posts so far:

1. Is Labour still the party of women’s rights?

This Laura Marcus piece has so far received 17,635 hits. Marcus writes that if Labour doesn’t sort out its attitude to women’s rights before the next general election, it will be catnip for the Tories.

2. The problem with Extinction Rebellion

David Toube, Director of Policy at the counter-extremist group, Quilliam, wrote a great piece for us when XR activists blockaded the printworks. To date, it has received 13,808 hits.

3. Mainstream mental health services are a disaster

To date, Dr Sami Timimi’s piece has received 10,864 hits. Dr Timimi explains why mainstream mental health services are a ‘busted flush’, long past their sell-by date.

4. Israel’s vaccination programme is fair and fast

Nicole Lampert’s informative look at Israel’s vaccination programme has received 8,605 hits to date. 

5. New York is no longer safe

To date, Karen Bishko’s piece has received 8,572 hits. The singer, songwriter and NyLon socialite explains why she fled New York and returned to London.

Thanks to all the contributors for helping us achieve this important milestone.

Cartoon by Stella Perrett.

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