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WFH is so ‘July’

Now we are WITB, says Miranda Levy.

Is WITB (Working In The Buff) the new normal?

Two hours ago – hot, and grumpy, and achieving very little in the 34 degree heat – I stripped down to my undies. Then I went on to Facebook, and wrote the below.

“Do you think we can make naked working into a Thing? WITB (Working In The Buff). For those WFH only. And the exhibitionist.”

I thought this nonsense would melt into the mid-afternoon torpor, so I was surprised when people began to respond. “Working In A Bikini – however, no Zoom calls,” said CC.

Others soon began to share their own acronyms: “WITF”, (working in the fridge), said KB. “WHIPP” (in a paddling pool), boasted KK.

“WIMP” (in my pants), shared JS. “WWMNO: WORKING WITH MY NIPS OUT,” hazarded the shy CA.

We even had a celebrity contributor. “In the interests of aesthetics, I’ll give this one a pass,” wrote dear Nick Cohen, the legendary political commentator. (Moderate as ever, but maybe a little boring?)

Some registered their heatwave grumpiness: “I am currently experiencing FFF (Failure of the F****ing Fan,) said SR. “I have decided to give myself an assignment in Scotland”. Whereas poor, chilly PRK wrote from Ireland: “It’s only August, but it’s like early autumn here in Dublin. No-one has seen the sun for weeks. It’s raining and the thermometer says 16 degrees.”

Then it took a glorious turn for the surreal.

“You saw that man chasing the wild boar that had run off with his laptop right?”, said VH.  “That’s why we don’t work in the nude!”

“Channel Four are probably working on a Naked Wonders as I type,” wrote SD, as I gave up the ghost and retired groaningly to the darkness of my bedroom.

Photo credit: Miranda Levy sitting in the buff in her garden

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Miranda Levy

Miranda Levy is a journalist and author of more than 25 years’ experience. Starting out on magazines including Cosmopolitan and New Woman (RIP), Miranda then hacked it at the Daily Mail and Sunday Mirror before heading back to glossies and the launches of GLAMOUR and Grazia. She had two babies, wrote the Rough Guide to Babies in 2006, and became editor of Mother & Baby, where she was twice nominated for a British Society of Magazine Editors award. Now a freelance writer, Miranda covers many topics - but particularly health – mainly for the Daily Telegraph. She has written for many titles including the Spectator, the Jewish Chronicle and the New York Post. Miranda’s new book, The Insomnia Diaries: How I Learned To Sleep Again, is out on June 10th.

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