The Sussexes’ self-help mantras are meaningless wafflespeak

Miranda Levy investigates the words and wisdom of Harry and Meghan’s new self-help guru.

Miranda Levy has never been a fan of self-help nonsense…

I’ve never been one for the Royals, really – the adventures of Princess Diana didn’t trouble my 20something years. Same so, too, with Harry and Meghan. I did try to watch that self-pitying African documentary last autumn, but switched off in dismay after 15 minutes.

But then, this weekend, I came across a quote in the paper from the Sussexes’ new spiritual guide, “the world’s biggest self-help guru”, a Houston research professor named Brené Brown. Dr Brown’s books are adored by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Reece Witherspoon. Her TED talk “the Power of Vulnerability” has been viewed 50 million times.

Sample quote: “You either walk into your story and own your truth, or you live outside of your story, hustling your worthiness,” said one.

Of course you do.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of self-help nonsense, but Brené’s proclamation – and similar – made me roll my eyes and laugh so hard I almost fell of the breakfast chair.

So I wrote this for the Telegraph.

Not for fans of Gwynnie’s vagina candle.

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Miranda Levy

Miranda Levy is a journalist and author of more than 25 years’ experience. Starting out on magazines including Cosmopolitan and New Woman (RIP), Miranda then hacked it at the Daily Mail and Sunday Mirror before heading back to glossies and the launches of GLAMOUR and Grazia. She had two babies, wrote the Rough Guide to Babies in 2006, and became editor of Mother & Baby, where she was twice nominated for a British Society of Magazine Editors award. Now a freelance writer, Miranda covers many topics - but particularly health – mainly for the Daily Telegraph. She has written for many titles including the Spectator, the Jewish Chronicle and the New York Post. Miranda’s new book, The Insomnia Diaries: How I Learned To Sleep Again, is out on June 10th.

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