Finding love in the time of Covid

Sarah Bladen bumped into a loved up couple in Tulum, Mexico after they booked an Airbnb together before they even met!

Writer and relationship coach Sarah Bladen is on a mission to help couples during the pandemic…

The prospect of finding true love during a pandemic seems almost impossible, especially if you hate dating apps, Sarah Bladen writes for CNN Travel. But that didn’t stop life coach Kayla MacArthur from taking a chance and booking an Airbnb in Tulum, Mexico with a virtual stranger.

Bladen, who also writes for uncancelled, recently bumped into MacArthur, 31-years-old from Massachusetts, in the Mexican beach town. She had been feeling disillusioned about the prospect of meeting someone while many Americans were under instructions to stay at home, when a friend decided to set her up on an online date.

“I was ready for love but loathed the idea of swiping left and right on dating apps,” MacArthur tells CNN Travel. “I prefer to sense a person’s energy, but with all the restrictions due to Covid-19, part of me accepted that it was highly unlikely I’d meet the man of my dreams in 2020.

“In June, a mutual friend named Ben arranged a Zoom call between her and Ryan Crain, a 35-year-old wellness manager from Oklahoma, saying he thought they’d hit it off.

“When Ryan’s face appeared on my screen, I felt attracted to him,” MacArthur admits. “As we spoke, I realised he was as passionate about traveling as I was. And, that’s where the story begins…

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Sarah Bladen

Sarah Bladen is the former editor of OK! Middle East and the co-author of Practical Zen for Health, Wealth and Mindfulness. Sarah’s work has appeared in The Independent, CNN Travel, Women’s Health and Yoga Magazine. A meditation teacher, holistic coach and relational life therapist, Sarah is passionate about wellbeing within relationships.

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